1917- 2017 Come Celebrate with us!

Thank you to our millions of guests and tens of thousands of loyal employees and friends! We could not have made it without you.
We have polished the brass and tightened the running boards to make the centennial year the best one yet. New menu items include some that appeared in the early days as well chefs specials. Check back to www.bahrslanding.com events page as well as www.Facebook.com/Bahrslanding page to follow the fun. Be sure to see our Timeline of important events in our history  100-years-at-bahrs

2 comments on “1917- 2017 Come Celebrate with us!

I live at the Pulte Homes next door. I’m having a party and I would like to send my guests to park at your parking lot, since your customers park always park in our parking lot. I would appreciated if you can tell your customers on your website or restaurant reminding them not to park next door. A new sign will be put and your customers car will towed .
I didn’t pay all this money to live here so that idiots can park in our private area.

Jack Bahrs

I think that you may have contacted the wrong restaurant?? We are at 2 bay Ave at the bridge.

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